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recognize! A C# parser and generator library which complies to the latest language spec
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analysis Library Component Parser Library C# library  
#recognize! #recognize! A C# parser and generator library which complies to the latest language spec
Size: Evaluation
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Parser Library file parser library language recognize  
Recognize Large Drives Recognize Larger Drives
Size: 1KB
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linux convert wmv sound drives robert stevenson wallpaper  
Microsoft Windows 2000 Update: Iomega Does Not Recognize Parallel Port Drives Windows 2000 Update.
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Sphinx-4 A speech recognizer written entirely in the Java programming language
Size: 28.9 MB
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speech recognition Java programming language recognition  
WiiGestures Gesture recognition system based on the Wii console
Size: 47 KB
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recognize gesture mapper mouse gesture recognition gesture  
Kba Pitch and Interval Identification Kba Pitch and Interval Identification is a tool that develops your ear to recognize any scale step in the immediate key
Size: 730 KB
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MIDI ear recognize MIDI sound ear recognition ear train  
ICAO FACE SDK ICAO Face SDK is an image processing Software Development Kit (SDK) that hande facial images following international standards.
Size: 12.9 MB
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SDK face Annotation SDK WebWorks SDK Image SDK recognition  
MyScript Stylus An application designed to convert your handwriting into computer readable and exploitable text!
Size: 24.9 MB
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convert replace keyboard recognize handwriting recognizer  
MyScript Studio Notes Edition A product range developed to manage and process handwritten notes.
Size: 95.66MB
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convert type recognize handwriting recognition  

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Low Middle High - Ear Traning Low Middle High - Ear Traning helps you to listen to the tones and try to recognize the pitch. You hear a low, middle, and high note. Then you see a question: Recognize the lowest note, or recognize t...
Size: 1.6 MB
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ear trainer pitch High Pitch Sound Low Pitch Sound  
ShapeRecognition ShapeRecognition is a handy and lightweight application that will try to recognize any shape that you draw using your mouse. For instance, the application can recognize circles, triangles, lines, arcs...
Size: 83 KB
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recognition recognize recognizer  
ICR The ImageContentrecognizer is especially precise software to recognize content in images. It is particularly suited to recognize logos in images, but each other content is possible. So it can be used ...
Size: 3394048
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HandVu HandVu is a useful and easy to use application designed to recognize the hand in different postures and then recognize key postures - all in real-time and without the need for camera calibration. You ...
Size: 2.1 MB
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detect motion recognizer  
NoteCard 2 Soon you will be able to recognize and name the musical notes without conscious effort or the risk of error, just as you are able to recognize the letters of the alphabet now. We believe there are imp...
Size: 912 KB
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musical notes treble clef read treble clef learn notes  
NICTA NER NICTA NER is a useful application that allows you to recognize and to extract entity names from text files. The program can be used in command line mode for entering the text that contains the names. ...
Size: 5.3 MB
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name identify Entity name extractor